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Across the region, we are: Gender gaps in secondary school participation and high incidence of child labour in some countries of the region risk leaving a lasting impact on the workforce of the next generation.

USAID continues to address the pervasive corruption, political stagnation, significant poverty and undeveloped policy and regulatory environments that hold the region back.

Neither area is culturally or linguistically homogeneous; in substantial portions of Latin America e. Results by Region and Income Group Share The Human Capital Index shows that all countries can do more to nurture and fully utilize their human capital potential.

It played a role in his campaign to imply cultural kinship of the region with France, transform France into a cultural and political leader of the area, and install Maximilian of Habsburg as emperor of the Second Mexican Empire.

It was supported by the French Empire of Napoleon III during the French invasion of Mexico as a way to include France among countries with influence in the Americas and to exclude Anglophone countries. More positively, the long-term human capital potential of the Western Europe region is nevertheless substantial, encompassing a well-educated older population with high tertiary attainment among its 55—64 Age Group as well as a high healthy life expectancy.

He asked Latin American intellectuals to search for their "intellectual emancipation" by abandoning all French ideas, claiming that France was: It also re-opens a gender gap in the literacy rate.

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G20 Hosted in by China, the G20 group of countries continues to place efforts to promote and deploy human capital high on its agenda. In total, the Index covers 26 countries from the region, of which five are from the upper-middle income group, eight from the lower-middle income group and the remaining 13 from the low-income group.

It is also known as Latin America's Integration. All three countries also exhibit significant employment gender gaps, exacerbating the difficulty of finding skilled employees, which is ranked low in all countries except India, which ranks 45th on this indicator.

Most countries in the region are close to having achieved near-universal basic education enrolment; however, some, such as Macedonia, FYR 59 and Romania 38still lag behind. With the exception of Cuba 36 and Haitithe gap between the best and worst performers in the region is much smaller than for any other region.

The North African nations, Morocco 98Tunisia and Algeriamake up the lower end of the regional rankings, ahead of Yemen and Mauritania With a group average score of Latin America and the Caribbean are also important and growing markets for American companies--a quarter of U.

We focus on fostering inclusive and equitable growth, promoting and strengthening democratic institutions, and improving natural resource management, which are key to helping partner countries achieve sustainable self-reliance. His argument is that French imperialists used the concept of "Latin" America as a way to counter British imperialism, as well as to challenge the German threat to France.

Latin America and the Caribbean are also important and growing markets for American companies--a quarter of U. Health indicators have greatly improved in the region: The distinction between Latin America and Anglo-America is a convention based on the predominant languages in the Americas by which Romance-language and English-speaking cultures are distinguished.

Latin America & Caribbean

We define this end-goal as the day when they are able to plan, finance and implement solutions to solve their own development challenges. The United States 24 lags behind its northern neighbour on the 0—14 Age Group pillar, revealing relative weaknesses in primary and secondary enrolment rates and the quality of primary education.

The other new member states make up the lower half of the European Union human capital league table, marginally ahead of Greece 44 and Spain However, the United States also records an impressive tertiary enrolment rate 4th globally. Regional progress in health masks inequalities between and within countries.

Severe, chronic drought threatens lives and livelihoods. Follow us on Twitter.

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He asked Latin American intellectuals to search for their "intellectual emancipation" by abandoning all French ideas, claiming that France was: If defined as all of the Americas south of the United States, the basic geographical subregions are North AmericaCentral Americathe Caribbean and South America ; [31] the latter contains further politico-geographical subdivisions such as the Southern Conethe Guianas and the Andean states.

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Rodolfo is responsible for leading the CPP Investment Board in Latin America. Based in São Paulo, Rodolfo covers all aspects of CPPIB’s mandate, including our Latin American advisory relationships, and provides active leadership and coordination of our activities in these markets.

A lot of hype has surrounded impact investing over the last few years. A plethora of reports, events and funds have sprouted up around the globe, 1 including Latin America.

In the last decade, the landscape has gone from two to three specialized international players investing in the region—mainly. Executive Summary.


Born in the aftermath of civil war and boosted by mass deportations from the U.S., Central American gangs are responsible for brutal acts of violence, chronic abuse of women, and more recently, the forced displacement of children and families. About the Latin America Advisor. The Inter-American Dialogue publishes the Latin America Advisor every business day for a distinguished membership of informed corporate leaders, scholars, and government officials invested in Latin America’s development and future.

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Asia latin america business reports
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